5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC

Food lovers across the United States are in for a treat as Korean cuisine continues to make waves in the culinary world. Known for its bold and addictive flavors, Korean food has become a favorite among many with its unique blend of salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and spicy tastes. Here are five Korean restaurants in the US that are a must-visit for any food enthusiast:


Jungsik is a renowned Korean restaurant in New York City and was one of the first “haute” Korean establishments in the city to receive not one but two Michelin stars. Chef and owner Jungsik Lim combines traditional Korean flavors with European culinary sensibilities to create innovative dishes like a five spices sous vide samgyeopsal (pork belly) and yookhwebibimbap (wagyu beef tartare on rice with gochujang).

Address:  2 Harrison St., New York, NY 10013

5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC
5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC


In the depths of New York City, nestled in the Herald Square subway station, lies Noksu, a new Korean fine-dining restaurant. Bobby Kwak and Joseph Ko, along with executive chef Dae Kim, have created a unique culinary experience underground. With just 13 seats at the chef’s counter, diners can enjoy a 12-course menu served during two nightly seatings.

At Noksu, guests are treated to not only exquisite dishes but also a lively atmosphere. The restaurant’s playlist featuring Whitney Houston sets a fun tone while diners are encouraged to eat with their hands for some dishes like the squab. This aged, smoked, and glazed bird is served alongside creative offerings like puffed duck feet and a truffle bao bun filled with squab liver.

Address: underneath the 32nd St. & Broadway Subway Station in Manhattan, NYC

5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC
5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC


In the heart of East Village, a charming restaurant with dark wood decor offers a unique experience in New York City. This spot stands out as the sole destination in the city where patrons can savor Korean fried chicken while enjoying live jazz music. The menu predominantly features Korean-inspired dishes that have garnered praise for their quality. A collection of 30,000 jazz albums adorns one wall, creating a distinctive ambiance complemented by live bands or DJs on select nights. Alongside the renowned Korean fried chicken, guests can also indulge in sushi rolls, bulgogi burgers, and kimchi pancakes. To complete the experience, patrons can sip on soju-based cocktails while immersing themselves in the soulful sounds of jazz.

Address: 116 East 4th Street, New York, New York 10003


Queens residents who love Korean fried chicken will soon have two new Bonchon locations to enjoy by the end of the year. Known for its hand-battered, double-fried, and crispy chicken, Bonchon is a popular international brand with over 420 units worldwide. The first Queens location will open at Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst this fall, offering mall shoppers and food enthusiasts a delicious treat. Keep an eye out for it at the lower-level food court near Panda Express!


  • 1st Ave. 367 1st Avenue. New York, NY 10010
  • 5th Ave. 325 5th Avenue. New York, NY 10016
  • W 38th St. 207 West 38th Street. New York, NY 10018
5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC
5 Must-Try Korean Eateries in NYC


Nowon serves up one of the top burgers in the city, known as the Legendary Cheeseburger. This delectable creation features two perfectly charred patties seasoned with a secret umami blend, American cheese, kimchi-infused special sauce, Kewpie mayo, and house-made pickles on a sesame seed bun. Nowon, a Korean American gastropub named after Chef Jae Lee’s childhood district in Seoul, is where you’ll find this culinary masterpiece. 

Nowon’s menu also includes ricotta toast and honey-butter tater tots to complement the flavorful Legendary Cheeseburger. The East Village location exudes cozy vibes with warm wood decor, while the Bushwick spot boasts a sleek and gritty atmosphere with eclectic drink options like Korean rice beer and soju. 


  • East Village, NYC
  • Bushwick, BK 
  • Seaport, BOS 2024


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