Craving Some Indian Cuisine? New York Has The Best Place For You — ADDA

ADDA India Canteen – popularly known for serving flavorful and finger-licking Indian Cuisine

Adda is a local restaurant run by Roni Mazumdar of Rahi and executive chef Chintan Pandya in Long Island City focused on regional Indian home cooking. It really checks an enormous number of boxes on our Ideal Restaurant Checklist. 

The food is worthy enough to travel for, for instance, and nothing costs more than $20. The actual catch is that it’s stuck between a bustling stretch of Queens Boulevard and a big bridge that seems to be the future setting of a zombie apocalypse. However, the food here is as yet worth searching out.

Let’s see what local people say about it:





You can clearly see here that people are insane about the food at ADDA. And what the reviews say is that they really love “Naans” at ADDA. A Naan is a leavened bread produced using maida, an Indian white flour that is exceptionally delicate and fine, like cake flour. It is eaten most frequently with curry, utilized instead of a spoon to sop up the entirety of the sauce and to get vegetables (and meat).

ADDA’s Tempting Food Menu

ADDA Indian Canteen

Returning to talking about ADDA, the menu here is not really long, yet it covers a lot of dishes. It has appetizers categorized as “HALKA PHULKA | SNACKS,” which include: Dahi Batata Puri, Chili Cheese Toast, Aloo Chana Chaat, Kale Pakoda, and more. 

Then coming onto a little heavy dishes than these, categorized as “THODA BHARI | GRILL,” includes Chili Paneer Tikka (Grilled Homemade Indian Cheese), Tandoori Macchi (Grilled Fish), Chacha’s Lamb Chops, to name a few.

And if you want to have the main course, Adda has got you covered for it too! The main course or the “PET PUJA” menu has mouth-watering dishes like Baingan Bharta (Smoked Eggplant), Junglee Maas (goat curry), Dilliwala Butter Chicken, Lucknow Dum Biryani along with the breads — Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, Amul Cheese & Chili Naan, and on and on.

Furthermore, numerous chefs at Indian restaurants in neighborhoods across New York City adapt recipes according to American customer preferences. In any case, Adda does not do that. 

And the journey to recreate home cooking at Adda is maybe why the dishes are more sizzling and extravagant, with a few ingredient options and combos not regularly found in other New York Indian restaurants.

Cost: Considering dinner for two, including two appetizers, two main dishes, bread, and two Indian Sodas, it can be $60 (with tax and excluding tip).

What you can drink there: There are options available, like Indian Sodas – Thumbs Up & Coca-Cola. Otherwise, at ADDA, you can BYOB.

How to get there: It is located at 31-31 Thomson Avenue, Queens, NY 11101. You can contact them at (718) 433-3888 or visit their website.

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