Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels In One Can

Good news for cocktail lovers who love combining whiskey and Coke to make cocktails. Coca-Cola and Brown Forman, two well-known international beverage businesses, are collaborating to create Jack & Coke drinks.

The canned drink will contain whiskey or a Coke and Jack Daniels cocktail. So that people will be able to experience whiskey and Coke with each kiss on the can soon.

This cocktail, a collaboration between two of the world’s most prominent beverage companies, is only available to adults. The drink will create based on market needs and legal requirements.

The alcohol content of this particular cocktail will be 5%. However, the amount of alcohol varies by country. The cocktail will also offer sugar-free packaging, and it’s expected to hit the market before the end of this year.

For the time being, the promotion of this unique drink will begin in Mexico for the first time. Coca-Cola and Brown Foreman grills are both well-known in this North American country. 

Furthermore, the demand for such beverages in the local market is promising. In the next step, this cocktail will offer all over the world.

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