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While touchscreens are the most intelligent way to use electronic gadgets, there are times when they are inconvenient. When you’re jogging, cycling, driving, wearing gloves, carrying bags, or otherwise have your hands full, it might be tough to manage your Apple Watch. Even if your hands are damp or unclean, you should avoid using your device. But what if there’s an emergency that requires your quick attention? Do you pause what you’re doing and drop everything you’re holding simply to look at your watch? You don’t have to with the Mudra Band. You may go on with your work while still having access to your watch with simple finger gestures.

Price of Mudra Band

Unfortunately, enjoying such convenience with your Apple Watch comes at a high cost. A simple mudra band costs $249, which is nearly as much as the watch itself. It costs around the same as the Apple Watch SE (US$279) and more than the Apple Watch Series 3 (US$199). Mudra Band is extremely expensive when compared to others, especially since you can purchase 3rd party bands for as little as US$3. However, keep in mind that it is not the most costly Apple Watch band available. Sure, it’s still more expensive than the AURA strap (which can measure hydration and body composition) at US$119. However, it is still cheaper than the Wristcam (US$299) and Hermès Leather Apple Watch bands (starting at US$339). The good news is that you can still update your Apple Watch with a Mudra Band for a significantly lower price via Indiegogo. Instead of US$249, you need to spend US$179 to begin managing your watch with simple finger gestures.

Intuitive and straightforward features

Mudra Band is wonderful since it enables basic motions that are simple to perform and memorize. Such motions are natural for most people and do not seem uncomfortable or complex. Mudra, in particular, enables a variety of interactions, including the following: These gestures are discrete: they are single-finger movements, such as moving one finger or lightly tapping your finger on your thumb. Continuous: exerting pressure on any physical item or surface with your fingertips is an example of a continuous gesture.

Air-touch motions combine your fingertip pressure with a type of air mouse. For example, you might unlock your phone by sliding your index finger over the screen. Gesture Recognition That Is Accurate Wearable Devices Ltd., the firm behind Mudra Band, employs sophisticated AI and Deep Learning algorithms. As a consequence, it can identify and categorize a user’s movements with high accuracy. This is significant since we all have various methods of performing particular motions. Lock/Unlock So, what happens if you move your finger or scratch your head unintentionally? What if you’re typing and don’t need to give your watch any commands? Easy. Lock Mudra and unlock it as needed.


The Mudra Band’s battery can last up to two days without needing to be charged for an extended period, which is impressive. The utilization of patented SNC sensors, which operate the Mudra Band, is the most significant aspect of this band. Without getting too technical, these sensors record and monitor your skin’s activity and transform it into data. This information is then utilized to determine the motions you performed and which finger you used. The concept of monitoring activity from the skin’s surface is not new. It is comparable to other methods used to identify various illnesses, such as cardiac arrhythmias (ECG) and motoric injuries (EMG). So, why is this important? It only goes to demonstrate that the technology underlying the Mudra Band works.


Mudra Band seems to be a regular watch strap at first glance. However, it retains its shape after being removed from the box because it is stiffer and more complicated than others. Does this have an impact on your charging experience? Most likely, mainly if you’re used to simply placing your watch flat on a wireless charger. The good news is that the Mudra Band is still flexible enough that you can wear it all day. Its length and circumference are also adjustable, ensuring that it will suit you regardless of your wrist size. Hopefully, the firm will introduce more color options soon, as it is now only available in black or white.

Final thought on Mudra Band

When one or both hands are busy, access and control on an Apple Watch might be difficult. While voice command can help with this, there are times when even speaking isn’t an option. As a result, Mudra Band is a highly appealing alternative for a watch strap. You’d always have control over your device with it, no matter where you were or what you were doing. Mudra Band appears to be quite promising, at least on paper. You are now free to do whatever you want since you can interact with and utilize your watch without touching it with your other hand. Sure, it’s not the cheapest strap on the market, but it significantly enhances your Apple Watch experience. Therefore it’s worth it.

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