How to know if you have a toxic girlfriend?

Romantic relationships should feel like a safe paradise, where you can be your true self. If not your best friend, your partner should be your good friend, someone who always makes you feel at home and comfortable and loved. 

But if this safe haven starts feeling like hell, where you do not feel welcomed, and worthy and often have to think twice before expressing anything, chances are that you are in a toxic relationship. Figuring out the signs of toxic behavior in your girlfriend is not an easy task because you are in swoon-worthy love with her. 

How to know if you have a toxic girlfriend

More regular arguments, constant fights, blame games, and gaslighting than intimacy, and romantic moments should be your clue to figure out if your girlfriend is toxic.

Here are some subtle signs that prove that the reason for your stormy and rough relationship is not you but her: 

Her Blame game is really strong – Does everything that goes wrong in the relationship always feel like your fault? 

If every discussion that you have with her starts and ends with ‘you did this,’ ‘you did that,’ ‘you always do that,’ even when you are not wrong in that situation, know that you are being held the victim of the blame game. Even when she is at fault, she puts it on you for overreacting and makes it your mistake. 

She is always the taker, never the giver – The weight of keeping the relationship smooth always falls on you with her putting negligible to zero effort into the relationship. Be it paying bills, initiating a romantic moment, or cuddling in bed, it’s always you who is making the effort.

She makes you feel less – If she constantly makes you feel unworthy of her love and reminds you of your flaws, the stakes of you being in a relationship with a toxic girlfriend are pretty high!

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