LIKHAN UTSHA MITRA: Giving Your Shoes New Identity

The skilled artists are the backbone of the customizing world. The talented hands make personalized pieces, spending hours developing the perfect product based on their clients’ specifications. It is the art of creating something unique to you, tailored to your individuality. Along with premium design, streetwear has paid particular attention to personalized sneakers, and artists like Likhan in Bangladesh have started to understand the demand and reap the benefits. Scroll through for a look inside their creative area that will make you want to buy a pair or two. Artists like Likhan are building a name for themselves in the shoe market and we at TINDS have had the amazing opportunity to sit down with him to talk about his inspirations and plans for the future.

Likhan had no idea that his fascination with sneakers would lead him to create a business out of it, his custom-sneaker idea. Flooded with passion and paint jars, the artist began by making a single pair for himself during the early days of 2022. He experimented with his graphic side by painting on various objects. It became viral after he designed his own shoe and posted it online. People began to contact him to have their shoes customized, and Likhan realized he could make money out of doing what he liked.

Likhan is a musician, a photographer, a writer, an artist, and, most importantly, a sneakerhead. His creative career began when he saw his uncle work with sculptures at a young age. He enjoyed creating graffiti arts and portraits in general, and it was his passion for art that inspired him to paint his shoe. He was initially hesitant to paint his costly sneakers since he was concerned about the effect. Good thing he did because that is what caused him to go viral and was instantly contacted by various hip-hop artists in Bangladesh with whom he is familiar due to his involvement in music as well. People like MC MUGZ and SKIB KHAN, two of Bangladesh’s top rappers, had their shoes designed by Likhan.

Since the time Likhan started taking orders, he’s been overwhelmed with the response. Likhan adds, β€œCustomization dates back to the late 80s, when it was a hobby for people who loved sneakers.” The best custom sneakers are the ones that tell a story and retain a personal significance. Every shoe that Likhan designs is catered to the demands of the customer. Likhan not only designs shoes, but have also successfully delivered orders of designing helmets, guitars , laptops and bags.


In order for any individual to have their shoes or other accessories designed, the first and foremost task is to get the item to Likhan. Likhan receives parcels through Sundarban Courier, a logistics company delivering items to and from all over Bangladesh within a short span of a day or two. Often, people are found to be wanting to design their old shoe, in which case the shoe needs to be sent. If somebody orders a new shoe and wants that to be worked on, the customer can simply order the new shoe and choose Likhan’s address as the delivery address, so he can receive the parcel and start working on it. Every shoe needs a few weeks to get the details done and Likhan charges a reasonable amount from BDT 3k to 10k depending on the design.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/likhanutsa.mitra

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dajatayugun

Email: likhanjatayuutsa@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +8801319450809


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