Meet The Team

Altaf Hossain

Founder & CEO

Being born and raised in a business family I understand, while growing nothing is more important than networking. In my personal opinion 70% of the success comes from networking and the 30% comes from our hard work, consistency and dedication. My network has always been my main source of uplifting.

Keeping that in mind we have created TINDS for people to ease the struggle of networking. For quality networking, exposure is very integral, and our goal as TINDS is to expose you to millions of people who practice the same culture and are of the same minded. Our vision to build TINDS so big of a community where we will have millions of south asian people to network with, and we need you by our side to make it happen.

Lamisa Reza

Founder & CMO

Been working in the industry for so long one thing that I realized is if we are passionate about something, we have to be loud and make ourselves heard. PR plays such a big role for any business. For me it means a luxury validation of my online existence. With TINDS we want to validate you within our community. We are here to hear about the ones who deserve to be heard of.

Hrittik Biswas Paul

Communication Manager

I might be the youngest in my family and also the youngest amongst team TINDS, however, I always had the knack for challenges. At TINDS, I’ve worked in a variety of capacities, including content creator, editor, and presently manager of communications. Since I am constantly trying to better myself, I never give an excuse to avoid talking to new people. If there is anything on your mind, just drop a mail and I will reach out to you.

Nabid Alam


Having the opportunity to work with and for so many talented individuals has been an absolute delight. The vision  that we have at TINDS enables us to uplift and encourage our South Asian community with examples from within the community itself. We hope to grow bigger and better assisting others growing with us and wish to create and provide a platform so diverse that would allow readers to know and explore beyond their own boundaries.

Anuradha Chawla

Content Specialist

Being a Content Specialist, I have always been curious about knowing and telling stories. And this is what I do for TINDS. The content we deliver seems to communicate and aware different groups of people. 

What encourages the most is the opportunity to focus on developing a distinct brand voice for TINDS. We aim to cultivate meaningful relationships with subscribers and followers and attract new ones.

Sam SH


As a designer for TINDS I always wanted to share everyone’s story in a creative way. We hope to assist others to grow with us and wish to create the biggest South Asian community.