Matrimonial or Local Tinder? Dil Ka Rishta: Pakistan’s First Matrimonial App Launched

As Khudi Ventures brings Pakistan’s first premium matrimonial app to the field and garners a record-breaking registration of over 100,000 users within the first two weeks, the question arises about the true implication of the mobile app. 

In a country where dating is still a rather hushed affair, romantic associations revolve around the orthodox notions that deem caste, community, and religion as the utmost traits for a perfect match. 

Pakistan's First Matrimonial App Dil Ka Rishta

The deep-rooted conservative mentality has given birth to unrealistic expectations based on physical and social attributes set by the matchmakers, who are basically everyone, but the people who are actually going to tie the knot. 

Moreover, they have the audacity to label their mostly misogynistic rules and regulations as the characteristics of a suitable partner. With women facing the repercussions of the rishta culture and men too being pressured to leave their good sense behind and act according to the wishes of the family, marriage has essentially become one of the most challenging aspects of Pakistani society. The soaring number of registrations and over 30,000 matches already bear testimony to this fact. 

But we all have a lingering doubt: Will Dil Ka Rishta prove to live up to its original creative vision, or will it succumb to the contemporary culture of online dating or rather a promiscuous courting like Tinder?

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that times are changing. The societal boundaries are cracking, the traditions molding as both Pakistan’s Gen-Z and their guardians harbor a more progressive outlook towards the dating culture

However, online dating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The threat of anyone making up fake profiles in order to catfish innocent people, solicit private information, and commit fraud, is a very real possibility. 

With Pakistan’s own matrimonial app now, excitement and nervousness can be felt in the air. Dil ka Rishta works to create genuine matches based on long-term interest through meaningful connections customized to Pakistan’s socio-cultural nuances, with a vision to discard the stigma surrounding dating apps

Pakistan's First Matrimonial App Dil Ka Rishta

They are the only ones to ensure a 100% verified profile with an efficient double-shielded verification. Firstly, a newly registered user is welcomed on call, on which the details and their factuality are verified. And secondly, Dil ka Rishta goes for ground verification, with a team member visiting the user to cross-check their profile information physically. All of that, with its no screenshot policy and privacy settings, they curate secure matches, especially for women.

Focused on equality by eliminating the patriarchal element, Dil Ka Rishta is the only Pakistani platform where one can find 100% verified profiles by the thousand that check all the ‘Rishta’ requirements while also bringing together a genuinely compatible and almost a destined perfect match.

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