Renewable Sources of Energy are the New Future

Over the following years, there will be an increase in the ability of the world to produce power using solar cells, wind turbines. And other renewable sources and their technology.

According to the IEA’s annual Renewables Market Report, fresh renewable power capability additions are predicted to surpass the existing all-time high established last year. Despite growing costs for critical components needed to create wind turbines and solar panels.

Global renewable power capacity is anticipated to increase from 2020 to 2026 by even more than 60%. By 2026, the world’s electricity capacity growth is expected to come almost entirely from renewable sources. With solar PV accounting to be more than half. The COP26 Climate Change Conference’s more aggressive renewable energy goals and more robust government policy backing are the driving forces behind this.

Renewable Sources of Energy are the New Future

China continues to dominate the world in the amount of capacity increases. It is anticipated that it will surpass its present target of 2030. And achieve 1200 GW of total solar and wind capacity in 2026. India is expected to lead the list in terms of growth rate. The pace of deployments in the US and Europe will also likely pick up considerably from the preceding five years. These four markets are responsible for 80% of the increase in global renewable capacity.

Governments may further speed up the expansion of renewable energy by removing significant roadblocks. Such as difficulties with permission and grid integration, uneven policy frameworks, social acceptance problems, and inadequate compensation.

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