Shakib Khan’s “Toofan” Movie Creates Waves in Bangladesh

Some records are meant to be broken, and Shakib Khan’s ‘Toofan’ is doing just that! The film is creating a stir at the box office, with its massive success leading to a record-breaking scenario for theatres across Bangladesh. With its impressive run, ‘Toofan’ is rewriting the rules of Bangla cinema, and you’re witnessing history in the making!

Shakib Khan’s “Toofan” Movie Creates Waves in Bangladesh:
Shakib Khan’s “Toofan” Movie Creates Waves in Bangladesh

Nationwide Release and Ticket Sales

Bangladesh is abuzz with the release of ‘Toofan’, as the film takes the country by storm. With a massive release in 129 cinema halls across the nation, every hall is packed to capacity, with fans thronging to catch a glimpse of their favourite star, Shakib Khan.

Another remarkable aspect of ‘Toofan’s’ success is its unprecedented ticket sales. According to reports, Star Cineplex has increased its shows from 12 to 58 per day, while Blockbuster Cinemas is screening 17 shows daily. The film has already grossed a record-breaking Tk1.2 crore in sales at Star Cineplex alone, making it a cinematic phenomenon unlike any other in Bangladesh.

Cast and Production Team

Among the talented cast of ‘Toofan’ are Shakib Khan, West Bengal sensation Mimi Chakraborty, acclaimed Bangladeshi actor Chanchal Chowdhury, and Masuma Rahman Nabila, who bring their A-game to the action-thriller film. The movie is directed by Raihan Rafi and produced by Alpha-i Studios, Bangladeshi OTT giant Chorki, and Indian film production and distribution company Shree Venkatesh Films (SVF).

International Release Date

Internationally, you can mark your calendars for June 28, when ‘Toofan’ will hit the screens globally, taking the cinematic revolution beyond Bangladesh’s borders.

Shakib Khan’s “Toofan” Movie Creates Waves in Bangladesh
Shakib Khan’s “Toofan” Movie Creates Waves in Bangladesh

Plus, with its international release, ‘Toofan’ is expected to create a stir among global audiences, showcasing the best of Bangladeshi cinema and cementing Shakib Khan’s status as a megastar. Get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of ‘Toofan’ on a global scale!

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