South Asian Americans extending support towards Adoption: But, Why?

Purvi Patel,  a 33 year old south asian, was detained by police. In July 2013 she was detained at a hospital in Mishawaka, Indiana. Although she previously denied being pregnant when she arrived at the emergency hospital bleeding heavily, she subsequently admitted that she had miscarried. Patel informed the medical team that she had disposed of the remains in the garbage because she thought the fetus was stillborn and was confused about what to do. 

Police discovered texts on Patel’s phone during a phone check. And they found she had purchased drugs from Hong Kong that cause abortions without a prescription. After less than two years, on March 30, 2015. Patel was found guilty of feticide and given a 20-year prison sentence, making her the first person in American history to do so. Feticide refers to “an act that causes the death of a fetus.”

South Asian Americans
South Asian Americans extending support towards Adoption But, Why

Even though authorities eventually commuted her sentence. And released Patel in 2016, her case has recently come to light with the decision of the Supreme Court. Which ended the federal right to an abortion and allowed individual states to make their own decisions.

When speaking to South Asian Americans, a demographic that is likely to support and have abortions. To understand better how the decision affects the community and their reactions as people around the world reacted to the historic legal decision this past week – to their response, they extend clear support towards adoption.

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