Sri-Lankan food blogger Nazia on her journey to being a cooking expert!

The Journey to cooking for food bloggers hardly defers from the general public!

How do culinary professionals prepare their meals? This week, Sri Lankan born food blogger Nazia from Pakistan discusses everything with Tinds.

  1. What was your first experience cooking?

One of the oldest recollections is the first time she cooked for her in-laws after getting married and moving to Sri Lanka. Her brother-in-law claimed the Chinese dish she prepared tasted exactly like Flower Drum. She had never been to Flower Drum and had no idea what it was, so she couldn’t grasp what he was saying.

  1. How did you pick up cooking?

When she got engaged, she started taking cooking classes. Growing up, she also learned cooking skills from watching other people, like her mother and grandmother. She started cooking more frequently after getting married. She worked hard to maintain improvement because her father-in-law had very high expectations, and his approval meant a lot to her. She has been cooking for 30+ years, and these days she merely follows her intuition and doesn’t follow specific recipes. She learned to cook in this manner, and she also inspires others to do the same! Never rely just on measures. Develop your sense of taste and reflexes!

Sri-Lankan food blogger Nazia
Sri-Lankan food blogger Nazia
  1. What was her favourite dish when she was young?

Her grandmother would prepare roti paratha with fresh ghee for her every morning before she left for school. She utilises fresh cream when eating it and still makes it for her daughter when she gets home because it is her favourite meal.

  1. What do Sri Lankan and Pakistani cuisines not have in common?

Although Pakistani food rarely contains coconut milk, Sri Lankan cuisine heavily emphasises flavour.

  1. What traditional Pakistani meal would you encourage people to attempt to make?

A thick curry with a tomato basis, karhai may be made with chicken or beef and needs everyday household items. It’s one of the simplest foods to prepare, especially for those just beginning to cook, and it’s a fantastic dish!

  1. Your proudest culinary achievement?

Her favourite activity is to recreate dishes from various cuisines she has eaten at multiple restaurants. Without consulting the recipe, she replicates it independently to acquire the most authentic flavour. She had tried Yemeni food for the first time when visiting family in New York and liked it. She recently tried making it at home, and it turned out well!

  1. Your favourite family recipe, which has been handed down to you?

Her mother taught her how to prepare Gur Papri. Jaggery and atta flour is used to make the sweet dish gur papri, which is also made with goondh (edible gum), fresh ghee, and several nuts. It is customary in the Memon culture to prepare it for weddings and expectant moms. She enjoys cooking it since it is such a festive treat.

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