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Ata Mohammad Adnan: Capturing Moments of Love

Bangladeshi weddings are a vibrant tapestry of traditions and customs, each holding profound cultural significance. From the colorful Mehndi ceremonies to the solemnity of the Nikah, every moment captured tells a story beyond what meets the eye.…

Tabib & Rana: The Rapper Duo from Bangladesh


The rap music industry in Bangladesh has been growing steadily in recent years. While it is still a relatively niche genre, it has gained a dedicated following among young people in the country. Many Bangladeshi rappers use their music to…

Ridy Sheikh: The Dancing Star of Bangladesh


Bangladesh, a country of over 160 million people, is known for producing some of the world's most talented individuals. One such individual is Ridy Sheikh, a young dancer and choreographer who is making a name for herself in the world of…

MONOSHITA AYRUANI: Shaping Bangladesh

If someone had to curate a list of the things that are considered taboo in Bangladesh, women's undergarments and lingerie would make it to the top tier. SHAPE, an intimate clothing line for women in Bangladesh, provides lingerie and…