The Food Empire of Amal Farooque: SugarOverDose, Sliders & Fries, Sage & Olio

Amal Farooque, the founder of SugarOverDose, Sliders & Fries, and Sage & Olio, all housed under a centralized delivery kitchen. Amal is renowned as one of the top fifty Indian chefs and an enthusiastic entrepreneur in the food biz. In an interactive session with TINDS, Amal shared her never ending relationship with food and the motivations that helped her staple her food brands in the heart of India.

Let’s learn more about Amal’s food brands.

The Food Empire of Amal Farooque
The Food Empire of Amal Farooque


Good news for all you sweet tooths out there! SugarOverDose is a bundle of sweet bliss from Amal. She founded the brand SugarOverDose in the hopes of delivering a sugar-induced euphoria to the world around her, because she was born into a multicultural community and knew the necessity of a sweet meal at any time of day.

The Food Empire of Amal Farooque
The Food Empire of Amal Farooque

Customers can enjoy bombolonies for a very reasonable price of 250 to 300 Rupees. With a wide variety of options to choose from, the customers also have the opportunity to have custom cakes made handcrafted for their event which costs somewhere around 2800 to 3500 rupees per kilogram.

SugarOverDose is a must-try dessert establishment. giving a mouth-watering experience to its consumers, who return for more. Include them on your list of bakeries to order from.

Find out more about this fantastic dessert kitchen:

Sliders & Fries

Sliders & Fries is a must-try if you’re seeking some slow fast food. The delivery kitchen features a selection of delicious burgers, sliders and fries all made from scratch, with time for bringing out the quality and placing the best on your plate; it’s worth the wait!

The Food Empire of Amal Farooque
The Food Empire of Amal Farooque

The slider menu ranges from 195 to 250 rupees, while the fries go from 180 to 300 rupees. The price of the black crispy fire paneer slider is 225 rupees. 

Sliders & Fries is the one stop solution for your quick food. Be sure to remember, sliders are smaller than burgers!

Get to know more about the food joint at:

Sage & Olio

Getting a good catering service is quite a headache, and as a remedy, Amal brings you Sage & Olio. A brand that provides you an edible experience with gourmet catering, grazing tables and sit down dinners.

The Food Empire of Amal Farooque
The Food Empire of Amal Farooque

A five-course menu ranges in price from 4500 to 5000 rupees per person. The typical sit-down menu begins at 2000 rupees per person; the pricing range varies according to your requirements.

To learn more about this food brand, click the link below:

The Food Empire of Amal Farooque
The Food Empire of Amal Farooque


Where to order

For SugarOverDose

Call: 7797462273

Or you may order by messaging them on their Instagram account at


For Sliders & Fries 

They have online delivery portals on Zomato and Swiggy.

You can find them at:



For Sage & Olio

Call and place an order for their catering services at:

Call: 7797462273

Or order a delicious meal at:


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