Through the Lens of Raw Xposure’s Photographic Journey

As modern marketing has grown in popularity, so has the demand for photography and imagery. Various occasions, like parties, concerts, corporate events, and diverse market environments, now seek a photography service capable of aligning with their visual marketing strategies or fulfilling personal preferences. Raw Xposure has been in this industry for nearly 5 years and is still expanding its presence in all sectors that require its exceptional skills at clicking exceptional content and keeping its clients satisfied with their photography needs.

Wide Portfolio of Covered Content

Through the Lens of Raw Xposure's Photographic Journey
Through the Lens of Raw Xposure’s Photographic Journey

Raw Xposure has a long history of collaborating with various brands, most recently with TVS, where they created incredible content for their latest release, the TVS NTORQ 125. They worked with TECNO, a technology brand, on the release of the POVA 4 Series and covered the TECNO CAMON Fashion Festival, IFR (International Fleet Review), FICCI 60 Years Celebration, and Investment Expo. Raw Exposure was also given the opportunity to shoot for Mujib 100, a 2022 event commemorating the 100th anniversary of Sheik Mujibur Rahman’s birth. They photographed a number of influential people, including Bangladesh’s current Prime Minister, Sheik Hasina, and also took pictures for the Bangladesh Navy. They announced on Instagram recently that they will be covering the upcoming show Shark Tank. The Shark Tank franchise is well-known and has had shows all over the world, but this will be the first time it has aired in Bangladesh.

Through the Lens of Raw Xposure's Photographic Journey
Through the Lens of Raw Xposure’s Photographic Journey

Raw Xposure collaborated with Coke Studio on two of their most successful season 2 releases in their Coke Studio Bangla series, Deora and Darale Duaarey, in terms of music and concerts. They recently covered the highly anticipated Coke Studio Bangla Live 2.0 on November 10th. They have also photographed many successful musicians from various genres at events such as the Joy Bangla Concerts, BAMBA 2022, Shironamhin 25th Anniversary, Dhaka Rock Fest, November Rain, and others.

Through the Lens of Raw Xposure's Photographic Journey

Unhinged Visual Chemistry: A Secret to Their Quality?

Raw Xposure’s chemistry, as well as their extensive experience in many areas of photography, gives them an advantage at the right time and place to click an image while habituating a story into each frame, making the company unique. They offer instant photo printing, which is an absolutely amazing service if you want your photos printed right at the event. Ahmed Rumel (founder, Managing Director) and Bayezid BinWahid (co-founder) were responsible for founding Raw Xposure. Later, Abrar Hoque joined the company as a managing partner to help it grow. In an interview with Tinds, they expressed a desire to work with photography technology and expand their business model to include video production.

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