VICK KRISHNA: The Talented Indian Beyond Borders

Vick Krishna is a film and television actor, writer, director, comedian, and content creator who has worked in both the Hindi and international entertainment industry. He made his acting debut in 2011. Vick has written, edited, produced, and directed several short films, some of which have been selected for international film festivals such as the famous Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). During an interview with TINDS, Vick shares the tales of his journey and what’s been keeping him occupied these days.

Tinds: Where were you born and where are you right now?

Vick: I was born in Maryland, Washington DC and I grew up there as well. I am originally from Indian heritage because my parents are from India and I can also speak Tamil very fluently. I am currently based in New York City at the moment.

Tinds: Have you ever been to India?

Vick: Yes! Surprisingly enough, I finished my undergraduate from India. It’s usually the other way around, because mostly people travel to the western countries for their higher studies but I chose to do the reverse. I studied computer science engineering and finished the degree of four years in three without a student loan. I used the additional year to good use prepping myself for the career I wanted to pursue.

Tinds: Apart from the content creator we know you for, do you have any other job?

Vick: I work for the National Public Radio (NPR). I do a little bit of media production for them.

VICK KRISHNA: The Talented Indian Beyond Borders
VICK KRISHNA: The Talented Indian Beyond Borders

Tinds: When did you start posting videos?

Vick: It was during the pandemic. I posted my first video probably during July, 2020.

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Tinds: What inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

Vick: I wanted to be involved in arts from the get go. I wanted to be an actor or a director working in front or behind the camera which intrigued me. I have always been fond of writing stuff and I started making short films way back. Over the pandemic, like everybody else, I was sitting idle as well, but I had to stay creative so I started making very small comedy skits and posted them online. To  my utter surprise, they took off. People found it funny so I decided to keep going down this path and I am even doing stand up comedy now.

Tinds: How do you come up with the ideas for the kind of content that you make?

Vick: Usually, I get a lot of content from current events other than that being a South Asian in the entertainment industry I believe our journey is rather specific and I like to make videos regarding my point of POV on that, my experiences, exploring and being able to envoice that which a lot of people relate to.

Tinds: Are you as extroverted in person as well the way we see you in your videos?

Vick: Well I can be if I wanna be. Sometimes, I am reserved and I like to keep to myself. But it’s exactly the opposite when I get on stage or am in front of a camera, the minute the camera’s on I think I switch a little bit and there’s another side of me that comes out. I grew up shy but there’s something about cameras that opens me up.

VICK KRISHNA The Talented Indian Beyond Borders
VICK KRISHNA The Talented Indian Beyond Borders

Tinds: Tell us a little about your experience as an actor.

Vick: I have appeared in a few small roles but it was a big moment for me as an actor. Being chosen among thousands of participants is a big deal. Also, there are a lot of procedures even after being chosen, the scenes might be cut off if the editor feels like it. So, there’s always this one last obstacle. I had the opportunity to experience how network television shows operate and how big the crews are.

TINDS: What have we seen you in so far?

Vick: You might have spotted me on NBC’s Blacklist and Fox’s Gotham. I have also done several commercials for Coca-Cola, Samsung, Match.com, Marriott Hotels and many others. I’ll also be featured on CBS’s FBI: MOST WANTED and a new Amazon TV show early next year.

Tinds: Which profession do you like to be recognized by?

Vick: I think I go through phases like every other individual. At the moment, I would like to be recognized as a comedian.

Tinds: Which do you enjoy the most?

Vick: Definitely comedy. The autonomy of it where you are in control and get to say what you want intrigues me. I get to present myself how I want. I am the director, writer & performer and it’s all me up on stage. I like having control. Also, comedy involves the more authentic myself whereas acting is all about masking off another character.

VICK KRISHNA The Talented Indian Beyond Borders
VICK KRISHNA The Talented Indian Beyond Borders

Tinds: Coming this far, what have you had to struggle with?

Vick: I was chasing infinity, so it took time. There’s always going to be a better number of views, likes, interactions on other content. There were times when I tried to post one video everyday and that was exhausting and it started not being fun. It should be enjoyable for both the content creator as well as the audience. Now, I make a video when the idea strikes instead of forcing it. It takes a lot of effort to put up one video and there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes.

Tinds: What would your advice be to new content creators?

Vick: I would advise people to start. Initially, I made lesser quality videos and I probably wasn’t as funny even. You gotta jump in, go through the learning phase and get over it and get better. It’s important to find your niche, find your voice and your style of making videos, which can be achieved only by spending enough time on it. It is also essential to be prepared emotionally, because the journey is never smooth. Ride it out!

Find Him

Website: https://www.vickkrishna.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vick.krish

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hotvickkrishna/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeSqqa72JAb4DLts2hkWtEQ?view_as=subscriber


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