Why Must Every Asian American Watch Ms Marvel?

“Ms Marvel” is a film every South Asian should watch, and here’s why.

First, South Asian culture has never been so accurately and genuinely portrayed in an American production.

The programme is rife with subtle allusions to everyday aspects of a South Asian American’s life. From arguments over whether DDLJ is SRK‘s best work to the groom’s shoe theft during weddings.

And not just for the immigrant or the first-generation community; the series even transports us back to the motherland, taking us to Karachi, the biggest and most populated city in Pakistan.

Watching something that did not feel like a white person’s portrayal of us was enjoyable. This is so because it isn’t. Looking at the credits, you’ll see that most essential actors—including the female directors—are of South Asian heritage. It’s about frickin’ time, and I’d like to commend Marvel Studios for taking the seemingly brave but logical step of recruiting South Asians to create a South Asian-themed television series.

Why Must Every Asian American Watch Ms Marvel
Why Must Every Asian American Watch Ms Marvel

Second, you will get knowledge of India and Pakistan’s recent history. Or you will have the chance to share it with anyone watching.

Without being excessively technical, “Ms Marvel” quickly and thoroughly introduces you to the rich history of India’s struggle for independence from British control.

Finally, the music. India’s lively musicality is a common denominator in film. Even today, most of our music industry is intertwined with the motion picture industry; the “independent music” movement, or music unconnected to movies or television, is a growing industry.

Why limit yourself to just one song, exactly like our movies? Why not create original scores for each of the six episodes? Everything from hip-hop Punjabi rap to soulful Sufi music to 1950s-inspired harmonium-rocking and ankle bell-ringing sounds perfect complements the episodes.

Last: It’s the first Muslim lady superhero from South Asia.

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