Bhutan Is Welcoming Back Tourists After A Gap Of Two Years: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Laying between China and India, the country popularly known for its natural beauty and Buddhist culture – Bhutan- is now welcoming its tourists back after a gap of over two years. The gap happened when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. 

In March 2020, it shut its lines to tourists- a significant source of revenue – after recognizing its first instance of Coronavirus.

This nation is a magnet for its flawless nature and wildlife, rich culture, and profound spirituality, also hot stone showers and stunning stays.

Three things to know as Bhutan resume its tourism in 2022

Bhutan Tourism

Coronavirus Protocol

While the Bhutan government suggests that tourists are vaccinated against Coronavirus to assist with controlling the pandemic, there are no Coronavirus vaccination requirements for anybody to enter Bhutan. 

There is no quarantine period. There is a health declaration in the passage formalities. Grown-ups and kids of age 12 years and more entering Bhutan might be subjected to random RT-PCR testing at the point of entry or at a worksite to keep up with Coronavirus surveillance for new variants; there will be no testing expense.

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Visa and entry licenses for Indians

Indian passport holders needn’t bother with a visa, yet they really do require a permit to enter Bhutan. While the permit can be acquired on arrival, applying for it online before the flight is recommended. 

You will require a computerized copy of your passport or VoterID if applying online (or the printed version if applying face to face). The identification should be valid for six months from the planned date of takeoff from Bhutan.

Bhutan acknowledges numerous currencies

The Bhutanese ngultrum is comparable in worth to the Indian rupee, which can be utilized (despite the fact that it very well may be more helpful to use smaller divisions than the Rs 2,000 note). 

Cash in US dollars is additionally broadly accepted. Keep some money in one or the other currency or ngultrum; you can trade foreign money for ngultrum at Paro air terminal or banks, more prominent hotels, and approved money trade organizations in Thimphu.

For additional details, from local customs to securing any legal thing you take out from the nation, check their official tourism website

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