IVAN RAMEN – A Super Fun Japanese Restaurant In The New York City

Hello lovely readers, we are back with our POV on another best South Asian Restaurant in New York City IVAN RAMEN.

Ivan Ramen envisions the Exemplary NY restaurant as seen through the Japanese lens. The food is mind-blowing, the assistance is exceptional, and the menu is remarkable.

Ivan Ramen glorifies Ivan’s innovativeness from the perspective of his life journey. The smooth blending of his New York roots, outstanding French training, and profound understanding of Japan give variety to the menu and the restaurant. 

The ramen here is simply a must-have; however, you shouldn’t pass up the astonishing variety of other different dishes, which are ideally suited for sharing with your foodie mates. 

Ivan Ramen is just a great restaurant that is casual, comfy, and quirky, with sprinkles of art inspired by pop culture and films.

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And here are some quick questions along with the answers which will cool down your curiosity about the food and the surroundings at Ivan Ramen

What is the crowd like?

ivan ramen Japanese Restaurant In The New York City
ivan ramen Japanese Restaurant In The New York City

SoHo startup types come around for well-executed ramen, for which they wouldn’t mind paying exceptional prices. Most people focus on slurping their ramen quickly; however, when mouths are vacant — between the pork buns and the cured daikon courses — it can get rowdy in here.

Headliner: The Food. 

Let us give you the lowdown — particularly what not to miss.

Triple Pork Triple Garlic Mazemen. Mazemen is kind of similar to ramen in which the stock is less of a star player, yet sit back and relax: You have pork paunch two different ways, a lot of garlic, and you’re prepared to party. 

The ramen noodles themselves are either rye or whole wheat, and proprietor Ivan Orkin is known for how brilliantly toothsome they are. 

Focus on words like “shio” (salt) and “shoyu” (soy) while requesting, and you ought to be well enrooted to a fantastic bowl.

Bonus Point: Don’t forget to try Tofu Coney Island and spicy red chili ramen as well!

What is the real reason you should visit there?

Warm yourself up on the cold days or seek out the cold garlic in the hot-hot summer. New York City is an excellent place for ramen, and IVAN RAMEN should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. 

How to get there?


Contact Number: 646-678-3859,

You can visit their website at www.ivanramen.com

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