LEGALIZE NEPAL: Restoration of Cannabis Tradition

In the West, cannabis has a long history in the East, specially in Nepal, and marijuana is no exception to the history. This encouraged Heman Bikram Shahi to embark on his quest to legalize cannabis in Nepal. His ambition was to restore Nepal to its former cannabis paradise. People used to avoid cannabis because of its intoxicating qualities. Modern medicine has preached the benefits of marijuana for weight loss, chronic pain relief, social anxiety relief, diabetic regulation, and so on. Heman has initiated freeing the nation’s cannabis supporters’ voices. Today, we discover more about Heman’s endeavor, Legalize Nepal, from the man himself.

The Beginning of Legalization in Nepal

Heman Bikram Shahi is currently living in New York working for the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana in Nepal. His organization, Legalize Nepal, is the idea that began years ago during his teenage years. He formally launched his venture in 2015, and it has since grown into a huge business in the United States. Prior to the prohibition of cannabis in 1973, Nepal was a refuge for all marijuana enthusiasts. Locals used cannabis to make Ayurvedic medicine, intoxicants, and even holy sacrifices for Shiva, the Hindu deity. Heman has been experimenting with marijuana for the past several years. Nonetheless, in 2020, he opted to focus his energies on his native Nepal. He understood he had to devote his full concentration to Legalize Nepal if he wanted his efforts to bear fruit. He even created a website for the movement so that people could follow its progress.

What began as a one-man show has grown into a movement backed by thousands. Heman has two official partners in the USA, ‘Z3ando’ & ‘Solution Hemp Nepal’. If you thoroughly examine Heman’s narrative and go beyond his entrepreneurial ability, you will discover a man who is a marketing genius. He was able to fan the flames of enthusiasm in like-minded people who had long been afraid of the implications of openly supporting such a controversial item.

Consistent efforts were responsible for the excellent response from the community. It’s amazing what he accomplished by selling products and believing in himself and his ideas. Legalize Nepal earns through merchandise sales and donations. Heman’s t-shirts, hoodies, and masks are popular in the Nepalese and New York communities. The movement has gained widespread public support, allowing Heman to stage events in popular New York venues. He hosted a successful Holi party at the famed Nepali eatery Thamel and Maha Shivratri in the Divya Dham Temple, where Mr. Steve D. Angelo, Father of Legalize Cannabis, was present as the chief guest of the event. Heman is also a board member of the Justice Foundation helping his cause a great deal.

Making Marijuana Legal
Legalize Nepal: the restoration of cannabis tradition

The Source of Inspiration

Cannabis has long been a part of Nepali culture. It has been utilized in the Himalayas for generations, dating back to the 18th century. People used to cultivate it freely back then. Pot smokers used to know that Nepali charas was the greatest. Marijuana used to grow prolifically in open fields and on hill tracts. Locals would casually scatter marijuana seeds in open areas, and the crop would grow. Nepal made a tidy profit from it.

The Hindu deity Shiva adored cannabis, and it is thought that the plant was his gift to the earth. Marijuana has become an important part of religious celebrations such as Shiv Ratri, Holi, and Durgashtami. Nepal was so fascinated with cannabis that they named a street after it: Freak Street. On a nice day, you may walk into this alley and find marijuana products. Back then, licensed agents openly sold them. Unfortunately, the famed thoroughfare is now known as Hippie Street and has lost its inebriating attractiveness.

Many cannabis enthusiasts fled to Nepal during the War on Drugs to enjoy their preferred therapeutic medicine. Their joy, however, was fleeting. Government sanctions made the sale and use of marijuana illegal in Nepal in 1973. The local community then went on the offensive against the factory. People are being loaded with misinformation and began to publicly condemn anyone who uses it.

A small community of people secretly continued to use and cultivate it. Heman used marijuana on a daily basis and was astounded by the level of hostility it elicited.

Heman began his business elsewhere, but after Nepal’s Health Minister endorsed marijuana legalization in 2018, he realized he had to act. The weed-enthusiast entrepreneur began pushing his “Legalize Cannabis” campaign.

How Conflicts and the Pandemic affected the legalization

Heman knew when he started his adventure that it would be anything but easy. His sole companions were hope and perseverance. The idea that marijuana has no medicinal value isolated him from the rest of the throng.

The pandemic Covid-19 arrived in 2020, and it gave Heman more authority. He spent his days online fueling the cause. More others joined the journey, much to his astonishment. He maintains a petition on his website, www.legalisenepal.com, and is continually looking for new supporters to join his cause. Heman attended several legal & illegal events or cannabis sessions where he sold Hasheesh & Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), an oil used by cancer patients, and was adored within the community for his contributions. The founder also stated his desire to manufacture CBDA or CBG goods in the future.

Making Marijuana Legal
Heman in an event to promote cannabis.
Plans on how to make the legalization work

Heman dared to conceive and conjure a goal so complex that he knew it wouldn’t be easy. His goal is to legalize cannabis globally, not just locally. The larger picture right now is global marijuana legalization. Legalize Nepal, aims to educate people about the therapeutic and recreational use of marijuana and hopes to have locals on its side as it works to make Nepal heaven for cannabis enthusiasts. Heman hopes to see the day when people may return to Nepal and enjoy marijuana while enjoying the wonderful scenery and atmosphere of the country.


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