YOGA – The holistic approach to mental well being

Yoga can be beneficial in fostering more excellent mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health as well as holistic health restoration. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that because yoga is a passive fitness practice. It would not have the desired weight loss effects. Yoga can assist your body burn fat quickly even if it doesn’t include strenuous activity like a HIIT session or quick-paced aerobic exercises.

Yoga is a universal remedy for stress and aids in the reduction of various mental health conditions, including sadness and anxiety. Blood pressure levels can also be managed by eating in the proper portions and adhering to a diet.

Yoga enhances the efficiency of your organs, boosts your immunity, improves your mood, and offers a host of other advantages.

YOGA – The holistic approach to mental well being

Fast-paced, results-driven culture, combined with a desk-bound, sedentary lifestyle, leaves us vulnerable to lifestyle conditions. These affect us by hypotension, hypertension, PCOS, diabetes, obesity, mental health problems, and others. Stress, excessive alcohol intake, being overweight, overeating salt or sugar, dehydration, and other factors contribute to hypertension. Life-threatening illnesses like heart strokes, attacks, kidney disorders, and vascular dementia can be brought on by high blood pressure.

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A meta-analysis and systematic review of the available research, published online in the Sports Medicine British Journal, shows that weekly yoga sessions lasting between 20 and 90 minutes over approximately 2.5 months may, on average, help ease the symptoms of depression in people having mental health issues. With more than 340 million victims globally, depression is the primary contributor to disability. Additionally, generalized psychotic and anxiety disorders and depressive symptoms frequently coexist with one another, according to the researchers.

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