TAUFIQ UL HAQUE: Journey of Bangladeshi Content Wizard

Being an entrepreneur is never easy, and what distinguishes a great entrepreneur is the willingness to persevere. The road to success is never paved with rainbows; rather, it is paved with hurdles and obstacles that must be conquered. Taufiq Ul Haque, owner and founder of Fraktal Creative LLC, shares his story with TINDS in order to inspire those who are unsure where to begin.

The Journey

Failure is the Pillar of Success: Taufiq Ul Haque

Taufiq is a freelance content strategist, and it has taken him more than enough time to earn this designation. He began as a content writer in 2013, while still pursuing his graduate degree from North South University and was intrigued by the prospect of making money working from home. His curiosity prompted him to become acquainted with the world of freelancing, launching his own freelance writing career. Taufiq began working for a company to learn more about the industry and its intricacies. After months of research and development, he decided that instead of being the world’s best writer working for someone else, he would be an entrepreneur giving services to people all over the world. Thus, Fraktal Creative LLC was founded in 2014 by Taufiq and a few other writers searching for a boost in their careers.

The Inspiration

Taufiq took a vacation to Bali and Malaysia in 2020. And instead of staying in hotels, he chose to stay in hostels. Because of all the people he met, this turned out to be a really good decision. He met folks who had been on vacation for several months, referred to themselves as “digital nomads,” and worked from the hostel itself. This made him wonder how he desired that life for himself, given how much he liked to travel above everything else. Taufiq made the decision right then and there to quit his employment and pursue his aspirations as a full-time freelancer.

The Struggles

Nothing is easy in this world. Taufiq experienced his fair share of setbacks before becoming an entrepreneur who makes a good livelihood from his career. When he first started working as a freelancer, he thought it was a difficult life because he had little time for friends, family, or even his studies. He realized immediately that he did not desire that existence for himself and fought harder to effect change. ‘I don’t know how to be an employee,’ Taufiq admits. Fraktal Creative LLC was not having its best days until COVID arrived. Taufiq sat down during the lockdown and calculated that internet usage or social media was rising due to people always being at home, and content writing services had become a requirement for businesses. Local businesses required the same services as larger firms, and there was no turning back from there. As more clients came in, Fraktal Creative grew into a profitable firm with over 35 workers.

Advice to younger self

When approached for advice, Taufiq stated, ‘Failure is inevitable’. He wants people to realize how competitive the industry is. And how critical it is for someone to know exactly what they want to do. He also notes that freelancing is for people who already have a few skill sets and advises others. To help them learn or be familiar with as many skills as possible. Which has an actual need in the market, in order to stand out in a large crowd.

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