What Makes Radha Patel Online matchmaking Portal Interesting?

The Auntie Network, an online matchmaking portal in North America that well-wishers friends and family members encourage dating and marriage, was founded by Texas-based serial entrepreneur Radha Patel. “A collaborative, matrimonial app meant for families to collaborate with their unmarried children in identifying marital prospects” is how she defines it.

Patel, an American citizen by birth and upbringing, has been a matchmaker since 2018. She didn’t want to include the family when she first started. She understood that “family is crucial to the South Asian experience, and there’s no way that we can make these critical decisions, let alone for our future, without them,” but at the same time, she was also conscious of this. 

Additionally, she frequently received questions from parents, which made her aware of a gap. There were no contemporary resources available for the parents to use, even though it was obvious that they wished to assist their children in choosing the ideal companion. And that’s where the concept originated.

What Makes Radha Patel’s Online matchmaking Portal Interesting?

The parents must reside in North America and possess a valid US phone number. Patel and her team also confirm all profiles, and they can report any inappropriate behavior.

What Radha Patel speaks her mind

The Auntie Network stands apart from other apps thanks to its sense of community. According to Radha Patel, conventional dating apps are “all about looks. “Three seconds is not enough time for people to decide about profiles, and these apps also feature several games.

She says, “I’ll just check tomorrow, and there’ll be five new profiles for me to look at” if she doesn’t discover someone who fits her criteria. There is another problem: we are losing the ability to engage by isolating ourselves in the digital world. Because of this, Patel advises her matchmaking site users to forget about using applications.

If a family cares about a certain sub-caste or sub-religion, they can use the app’s filtering features to look for people who fit that description. According to plans, a horoscope matching option will also be included in the future.

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