Being in good health and shape is something that everyone desires, but only a few work towards. Saif Nazrul, Tigerafit‘s owner, and founder is a fitness fanatic who is keen to promote fitness among the people of Bangladesh and, perhaps, the international market.

During a talk with Tinds, Saif recounts his experience building an athleisure brand from the ground up.

How It All Began

‘Tigerafit’ was created in August 2019, just before the epidemic, with the express intention of addressing a problem identified by Saif Nazrul for fitness fanatics in Bangladesh: a shortage of brands selling excellent athleisure.

He had previously utilized various foreign brand products, such as ‘Gymshark,’ but recognized that the high price was an issue that needed to be addressed. He began hunting for alternatives but couldn’t find any of high quality, comfy, and affordable.

To cater to the problem that existed for him and many others, Saif decided to introduce his brand in the market and thus began the brand ‘Tigerafit’.


His Motivation

The young entrepreneur completed his undergraduate degree in Australia. He discovered his passion for body fitness and exercise and converted it into a profitable business when he returned to Bangladesh.

Saif also grew up around his father’s knit and woven garment export business with an entrepreneurial mindset. He spent his fair share of time around the office before leaving for Australia, so he understood the textile sector here in Bangladesh.

Most brands outsource their orders to third-world nations like Bangladesh for lower labor costs and the quality that our people can achieve. Saif very well knew having access to these facilities would be productive in making the best quality products for his brand.

Becoming a Brand

Running a brand is no easy job and gets very chaotic throughout the entire process. With the kind of access that Saif already had regarding manufacturing quality athleisure, he was determined to start his venture.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is not easy. From market research to production, managing a website, a Facebook page, and an Instagram profile, hiring models for photoshoots, editing photographs, and publishing them to the accounts.

Saif Nazrul completed these tasks independently, but he took his time to ensure he did everything correctly. His wife, who is also a fitness enthusiast, assisted him in developing ideas. He used feedback from friends, acquaintances, and consumers and ideas from other brands to create something unique each time.

The absence of competition was a fantastic chance for the brand initially. Saif dedicated all of his time, energy, and emotion to offering the highest quality product possible through his platform.

He wants his business to make people feel good about what they wear. Also, to inspire them to start exercising and living a healthy lifestyle while also looking nice.


Advice to Younger Self

During the conversation, Saif mentioned that it is not easy to run a business when everything is to take care of without any help. However, it may seem easy to outsiders who see the business flourishing with the days going by.

He also stated how important it is to know the tiny details of the process to provide the best quality products to the customers. And that wouldn’t have been possible for him if he didn’t involve in his father’s business earlier.

His Future Plans 

‘Tigerafit’ has become a well-known and dependable destination for fitness enthusiasts to shop for activewear. Fashion, that is no longer constrained by overdressing; today’s consumers value comfort wear.

Activewear has come a long way in a brief period. It’s being flaunted flawlessly everywhere, from the gym to the streets and everywhere in between. It has become a fashion statement for exercise enthusiasts.

Saif wants to be able to cater to the increased interest in health and fitness. As one of the industry’s early adopters in Bangladesh, the entrepreneur has ambitious intentions to enter the international market through his numerous relationships in Australia within the upcoming year.

With his uncompromising quality, he believes his brand has the potential to be a worthy competitor not just locally but also globally.

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Find Him

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tigerafit

Instagram: @tigera.fit

Website: www.tigerafit.com 

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