MANAMI ELAHI: Artiste Creating Wonders through Makeup Brushes

Wedding makeup is the ritual of beauty, and Manami Elahi from Dhaka embraces it like no other. Specialized in bridal looks, she has been creating magic with her brushes for the last six years.

She is the owner and founder of ‘Manami Elahi Makeup Artistry’, located in the youthful neighborhood of Dhanmondi in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Her story will ooze you to the core of your heart as she started from the bottom and now rocking the business with her artsy, colorful mind!

In a candid conversation with Tinds, she shared her inspiring journey in this tinsel world of makeup.

Her Inspiration

Manami began her love of art at a very early age. Be it singing, be it dancing; she always loved to explore new things. However, it wasn’t long before Manami recognized her passion for creativity was best nurtured through makeup artistry. It was her college days when she was drawn to makeup. 

Her curiosity began to grow as she saw her friends being passionate about this glitz and glam world. Therefore, she discovered the mystical powers of concealer and foundation. Like magic in a bottle, makeup enhanced her confidence. 

She’s purely self-taught and made it to perfection by watching Youtube & following the world-famous MUAs’. Manami’s enthusiasm and passion have propelled her to become one of the industry’s brightest self-taught MUA.

MANAMI ELAHI Artiste Creating Wonders through Makeup Brushes
MANAMI ELAHI Artiste Creating Wonders through Makeup Brushes
Manami Elahi Makeup Artistry

Her Evolution

To begin the journey of Manami’s makeup artistry, it would be incomplete without her friends’ suggestions. In Manami’s words, they inspired her a lot to become what she is today. Although with no monetary backup, Manami was a bit confused at the beginning. 

However, unrelenting passion can’t be halted. She began to save money from her first-ever incoming source, tutoring kids. Manami managed to save up 5K to 6K BDT each month to buy the necessary equipment for her artistry.

Eventually, she opened up a Facebook page for makeover services and started the business with a budget of 15K BDT on February 13th, 2016. 

Soon enough, clients began to respond to her business. People enjoyed the concept of her mixing and matching of foundation tones to obtain the right skin shades, and she went from one client to three and many more in a matter of months.

Fast-forwarding to the present, Manami Elahi Makeup Artistry now consists of 5 employees with excellent services for its clients. What started out as a hobby eventually turned into her career. Even with no partners, her business is achieving new milestones every day!

She even acquired more than 150 clients in the last wedding season! And must mention, that her background in business studies from BRAC University has helped her business reach new heights.

MANAMI ELAHI Artiste Creating Wonders through Makeup Brushes
MANAMI ELAHI Artiste Creating Wonders through Makeup Brushes
Manami Elahi Makeup Artistry

Her Services

Manami prides herself on having a very specific skill set. The set consists of glamorous, flawless, Pakistani-style dewy makeup and clean elegant looks. However, her true gift is making her clients’ big days even more special with her touch of beauty.

Although she is well known for her bridal looks, her service doesn’t only limit herself to brides; she also provides party and natural looks.

Interestingly, she even acquired male clients getting their wedding looks done by her. Even though men’s makeup is still taboo in Bangladesh, Manami’s excellent service has opened the gate to this new opportunity for Bangladeshi men. 

Her Future Plan

Manami aims to expand her business to a bigger and better studio. However, her exploring mind doesn’t want to stop at one place. She aspires to go abroad and learn more about makeup and expand her artistry internationally.

Advice to Her Younger-self 

Manami advises that one should focus on creating a brand when it comes to being a makeup artist. Focusing on building a better customer relationship is a necessity and last but not least accept criticism more widely. 


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Find Her

Phone: +8801631953645

Address: Central Road, Dhanmondi/ travel Dhaka, Bangladesh

Facebook: facebook.com/manamielahi/

Instagram: instagram.com/manamielahiofficial?


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