RAKIBUL HASAN: Creating Employment Opportunities in Dhaka

There is a widespread belief among the general public that entrepreneurs are born rather than made. Only an entrepreneur understands the difficulties that must be overcome in order to stand out from the crowd. Any person who chooses to adapt to the alternative lifestyle of not working 9 to 5 usually has the confidence to take over the world. Rakibul Hasan, the founder of two successful startup companies in Bangladesh, was discovered by TINDS and shares his amazing story with us today.

The Journey

Rakib began his career as a freelancer in early 2015 and quickly realized that he was not suited for the occupation since he became quite bored of the stressful lifestyle. He knew he wanted to achieve and own something of his own, but he also understood he required right guidance and mentorship to be successful. Later that year, Rakib worked as a project manager for a local logistics company for over a year. During his tenure, he learned many areas of business management and went out on his own in mid-2018, when he created his first company, ‘BRIGHTMAN.’ Only in December of the same year did he create his second company, ‘PIXAMATICS.’ 

The Inspiration

When asked what inspired him, Rakib’s only response was the motivation and awareness that he couldn’t see himself working for someone else for the most of his life for a small sum of money and possibly a parting present. He was determined to accomplish something that he could call his own while simultaneously creating job possibilities for the people of Bangladesh, as he recognized that unemployment is a serious issue in our country that needs addressing.

Rakibul Hasan Creating employment Opportunities in Dhaka
Rakibul Hasan Creating employment Opportunities in Dhaka

The Struggles

Starting a new business anywhere is a difficult endeavor. Every step contains difficulties. Some more difficult to overcome than others. Pixamatics, as a technology company, had the experience and expertise to assist businesses or entrepreneurs in reaching their clients across the digital world. The goal is to help business owners thrive online without becoming overwhelmed by technology. Finding new clients for larger projects was the biggest hurdle for Pixamatics. Acquisition expenses were astronomical, and small enterprises may not have the same spending power as larger corporations.

COVID had a significant impact on Brightman’s business operations. Due to government laws, they had to shut down their production for nearly 6-8 months during the pandemic lockdown. Only large textile enterprises were allowed to remain open, making it difficult for small businesses or factories to continue. Paying office rent and providing salaries for employees was difficult. After a significant amount of time, the company was able to emerge from its struggle phase and run successfully.

Rakibul Hasan Creating employment Opportunities in Dhaka
Rakibul Hasan Creating employment Opportunities in Dhaka
The Future

Rakib’s long-term goal is to increase employment and support small businesses and start-ups. He is also working with his British colleagues on another platform that will be launched in the UK, as well as plans to expand their software company in London.

Advice to Younger Self

An entrepreneur must be focused in order to be successful. Rakib believes that any comment along the lines of “that’s not possible” or “that can’t be done” should be viewed as a challenge to prove wrong. It is important to do something excellent for the community, something remarkable for the people of the country, regardless of one’s work or business.

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Find Him

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rakibul.hasan.58/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/md-rakibulhasan/

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