FAIZUL YAMEEN: Dreamer turns into Actor

No acting career is the same as the next. Some are made after years of training, rejection, and perseverance; others are made seemingly overnight with a leap of faith. During an exciting interview with Tinds, Faizul Yameen, a thriving young actor living in Brooklyn, New York, yearned to return to Bangladesh.

He reveals his plans to resume his interrupted acting career. Besides that, he mentions how he left his career halfway before moving away to the city of dreams to pursue higher studies.

The Journey

Faizul’s acting career began a decade ago, in 2011, when he was contacted at random by a stranger with an invitation to do a photo shoot for one of Bangladesh’s most prestigious telecom firms, ‘Grameenphone.’

Later, in 2013, he made his first television appearance in a TV commercial for another telecom firm, ‘Airtel.’ The young face that featured on-screen multiple times in TVCs and OVCs. And later in 2015 he was featured in a commercial for ‘Banglalink’ as well.

He had the opportunity to work with prestigious brands such as ‘Sprite,’ ‘Pushti‘ & ‘Singer‘ before moving on to the big screen and starring in a drama promo titled ‘Close up – Kachhe Ashar Golpo’ where Faizul put his acting abilities to the test in 2020.

Faizul’s life took an inspiring turn when he moved abroad and covid hit, leaving us in a phase we weren’t familiar with. It was then that Faizul discovered the world of Tiktok and began making videos that mimicked hilarious movie scenes from classic films.

The overwhelming response and good feedback from friends and family convinced him that acting is most likely the career path he should pursue.

When he returned to Bangladesh., he made sure to put his abilities to good use by starring in a drama, followed by a web movie, Red Rum, that aired in 2022, where he shared the stage with numerous well-known actors in the industry.

Faizul Yameen: The Dreamer Turns Into An Actor

Having gone back to the States to finish his IT course after the movie, Faizul is determined to come back to Bangladesh and take up acting as a full-time profession.

The Struggles

Being an actor, or aspiring to be one, has its quirks, just like any other profession. Most people give up when things don’t go their way. When one’s desire is to be an actor, it is challenging to pursue a fallback dream at the same time.

We never see a struggling actor working in any other profession. There aren’t many people in this industry who haven’t struggled to carve out a niche for themselves, including Faizul, who claims to have failed most of his auditions.

What is laudable, though, is the dedication and determination to persevere from that point of failure.

Advice to Younger Self

According to the actor, the unpredictability of the business frequently motivates people to quit. Months would often pass without a break or demand for a new part. He believes that the best way to deal with this is to be utterly optimistic in all situations.

One must maintain a good attitude. He should be a survivor because even a smidgeon of self-doubt can lead to the decision to give up. Why? Because the market for fame that already saturated. He says that to make it to the finish line, Faizul quotes,

one must be a dreamer and believe in their potential to succeed even though the chances of success are very slim.’

One must embrace both victory and failure with a smile on their face. 

The Future

It would have been fantastic if we could have known what the future held. Nonetheless, everybody has plans, some more serious than others, and it is only dedication, I feel, that motivates one to go forward.

Faizul, motivate himself to complete his IT education while also saving money to assist him in getting by when he returns to Bangladesh to pursue his goal.

Planning ahead of time is always a brilliant idea, and Faizul, a bright and dynamic individual, gets a head start on the failure that awaits him. After working in the sector for almost a decade, he accepted the profession’s rules with a smile.


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