MEHAR’S: Hub where Luxury meets Necessity

It’s never too late to start a business! If you ever wanted to build something of your own, you should always encourage yourself to fulfill that wish! Like Mehar, Protiva’s interest in business has led her towards the success she wished for!

Who is Mehar Protiva

Mehar Protiva is the founder and owner of entrepreneurship known as Mehar’s. Her passion for business has propelled her to expand her work in different dimensions. Although it may not appear as tough as it was, Mehar had to take a leap of faith to make her dream come true. And the journey towards it made her dream taste even better!

In a casual chit-chat with Tinds, Mehar Protiva shared her story to inspire many people who want to follow their dream path.

Beginning of the Journey

Back in 2013, Mehar used to work as a freelance writer and sometimes proofreader. After that, she worked for a multinational company for 3 years. However, the creative and corporate world couldn’t make her feel passionate enough as she always wished to become a business person.

Inheriting the business interest from the family, she decided to do something as a side hustle. In her case, the number 4 became lucky. After 4 years of her work life, she started a retail business of luxury makeup, toiletries, and accessories and named it after herself “Mehar’s.”

MEHAR'S Hub where Luxury meets Necessity
MEHAR’S Hub where Luxury meets Necessity

However, in 2017, Mehar was organized, and the first order was 4 MAC lipstick. Interestingly the amount of money she invested was also 4K, which became the lucky charm for her return on investment (ROI).

She opened up a Facebook group, and her business started to grow quickly as she never compromised the quality of the product she provided to her customers. Moreover, it was hard to find authentic and branded accessories and cosmetics in the country back then.

The authenticity and credibility helped a lot to expand the business. She finally left her job in 2019 and opened a showroom in the tristate area Banani while taking Mehar’s to experience a new dimension of success.

Ups & Downs of the Journey

Dreams aren’t fulfilled easily, it makes one take risks, and it also makes one fly high to cloud number 9. Similarly, Mehar’s journey wasn’t all glittery all the time. Even though it was a side hustle initially, it wasn’t any less than a roller coaster ride!

Especially during the pandemic, as we were in a global crisis, people started to cut off luxury from life as exclusive products weren’t necessary at that specific time. Yet, she didn’t slack off any employees as everyone needed livelihood then.

However, sanitizer sales started to increase. Apart from that, she included products like snacks, chocolates and every other necessity people had during the lockdown, and this was a big move for Mehar’s. Even during the pandemic, they managed to earn more than 20,00000 a month.

Throughout this journey, one person who held her hand and kept supporting her is her husband! To keep this business up and Mehar’s dream shining bright, he sourced all the ingredients and materials while helping make the business a success!

MEHAR'S Hub where Luxury meets Necessity
MEHAR’S Hub where Luxury meets Necessity

The Destination

Currently, 8 employees are working at Mehar’s. However, she wishes to expand Mehar’s on a broader level. One of which is opening an outlet in Dhanmondi. Apart from that, she hopes to open up new concerns of Mehar’s while taking it to the peak of success.

As Mehar Protiva quoted,

“Doing business is like an addiction for me. I know I will take risks and achieve success as the addiction is undeniably beautiful and the rush feels motivating. I will be opening a new Mehar’s Kids in the upcoming months as I have wanted to tap into this market.”

However, her thirst for business has encouraged her to experience business of different genres. She has Mehar’s as an enlisted shop in Foodpanda as well.

Advice to Her Younger-self 

Mehar advises you to chase your passion even though you are investing significantly less. You have to believe in your plan first, and the rest will fall into their right places.


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Find Her

Address: House-58, Block-B, Road-21, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Web: www.meharshop.com 

Facebook: facebook.com/memeharpoint/

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