Tong’ – America’s First Bangladeshi Street Food Cart in Queens

Bangladeshi food street cart “Tong” opened its first permanent location in Queens, New York, on Friday, July 29, 2022.

It has six open outdoor carts in Bronx and Queens, including two franchises and a Bellerose spot launched on the following week of the inauguration. 

After entering the recently opened café, guests will undoubtedly see the Bangladeshi colors and style in everything from the menu to the stylistic decor.

The walls as well, are represented by traditional Bangladeshi street food and its sellers.

A cart-like structure will likewise be noticeable at the far back of the restaurant, which clutches its characteristic highlights.

The founder of Tong, Naeem Khandaker, is a self-trained one-man army of Bangladeshi street food varieties. He is on a mission to spread Bangladeshi’s favorite snacks to America.

Let’s look at the innumerable reviews put by people praising Tong’s genius:

tong tong tong


Tong has been constantly rated an average of 4.8 stars, with people rushing to talk about it on every social media page. Over 1000 likes, more than 500 visitors, and 200+ reviews across Google, Yelp, Facebook, Ubereats, etc. Tong is one of the hot-spots for Bangladeshi food. 

Furthermore, the eatery has introduced a brand new and excellent menu of unique Bangladeshi street foods that take great skill and effort to reach the peak of authenticity. The taste of every single creation is unparalleled.

The flavorful things include Fuchka for Fire and a Lucchi Platter. Four beverages and desserts include Lemonade, Pagla Pani (a sweet, sour, and hot mix of masalas and pickles), Bhalobashar Sharbot (Watermelon refreshment), and Falooda.

Bangladeshi food has caught the eye of America more than ever, proving again that South Asian food can win hearts anyplace on the planet! Make sure you visit here if you love or want to try authentic Bangladeshi Street Food. 

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