Patel Brothers- The one-stop shop for authentic Indian and Middle Eastern spices and groceries in NYC

None have represented the culinary culture of the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East better than Patel Brothers Inc. They are the world’s largest supermarket chain that caters to the Indian diaspora through authentic spices, groceries, and even delicious recipes.

With over 57 locations in 19 U.S. states, their credibility and commitment to deliver only the best, while staying rooted to their heritage is supremely commendable.

The brainchild of Mafat Patel, in partnership with his brother Tulsi Patel and his wife Aruna, the Patel Brothers grocery store has come a long way. More than a grocery store, it is the story of how an Indian immigrant struggled and developed an empire from his basic need of survival–food. Seeing how exorbitant and scarce Indian groceries were in Chicago, Mafat cultivated the idea of an authentic Indian grocery store. 

Patel Brothers

Ever since the first store’s inception in 1974 at Devon Street, Patel Brothers have grown into an iconic, worldwide famous supermarket chain, whose prime time locations are based in New Jersey/ New York Metropolitan Area, due to its brimming Indian population. The ultra-modern East Windsor/Monroe Township, New Jersey location represents the world’s busiest and greatest Indian grocery store, outside of India (it even has an outdoor pani puri bar!). 

As for the bustling New York City, the Patel Brothers NYC store is found at 37-27 74th Street, Jackson Heights, with other locations across the entire state. They present a complete range of groceries including fresh produce, imported authentic spices, dry goods, and frozen items. All the items incorporate the wide diversity of Indian culture, where each state has its own unique culinary gourmet that is tied by the common thread of aromatic, all natural spices.

Let’s look at the numbers for the huge customer satisfaction that the Patel Brothers are known for:



Patel Brothers Patel Brothers Patel Brothers Patel Brothers


With a booming margin of over 3000 reviews, 1000+ regular visitors, more than 500 likes, and average of 4.5 stars over social media and review platforms such as Google Reviews, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook and more; it suffices to say that the Patel Brothers are creating a lasting legacy in the international food market.

Focusing primarily on the indulgent flavor and foods of Indian subcontinent and Middle East, the Patel Brothers offer not only the choicest groceries and fresh produce, but also a variety of original Indian and Middle Eastern recipes that will bring new generations closer to understanding the regional diversity of India and the depth of its culture and cuisine. 

Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers also has online shopping through its website, for the contiguous US. These orders are fulfilled by its base location at Hanover Park, Illinois. The store is now operated by Mafat’s sons Swetal and Rakesh Patel, as the other family members manage the various branches of the mega-corporation that has not only supermarkets, rather spans across a number of domains with its successful wings. 

From the nutritional backbone of Indian cuisine– ingredients for strict vegetarian diets endemic to several parts of India, such as lentils, rice, wheat, lentils, and more, to the traditional festive South Asian sweets, snacks, and even drinks; Patel Brothers have practically everything you could want if you wanted to taste a smidge of authentic Indian gourmet and native snacks in New York City. Even a single taste reminds you of your heritage, and feel proud that this enterprise represents you, your culture, and your country.

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