Zaitoon: Hot Afghan-origin kebabs for the NYC winters

Adding to the longstanding cache of food jewels along the Troy-Schenectady Road, is Zaitoon, better known as Zaitoon Kitchen.  Portraying the “veggie-fed, cage-free halal,” approach, Zaitoon adds a contemporary twist to the authentic halal food culture. Like kosher, halal is the Muslim religious guideline on slaughter conditions for livestock to be consumed. 

A part of the popular food wave around the Latham circle, Zaitoon brings the Afghan angle to it. Derived from the Arabic word for olive, Zaitoon is the brainchild of culinary geniuses, an immigrant father and his two sons. In 2017, they decided to share their mother’s recipes that stayed true to their roots, to the country they now called their home. Currently, they have multiple restaurants under their belt, in the NYC area. 

zaitoon in NYC

From mouth-watering Afghan kebabs to delicious naan wraps, Zaitoon has crafted an exquisite menu of authentic Afghan halal dishes. It is a glorious fine dining experience for all generations, as each may find some unique rendition of the traditional dishes that speaks to them.

Let’s take a look at how many happy customers recommend Zaitoon as their go-to spot:

zaitoon in NYC zaitoon in NYC zaitoon in NYC zaitoon in NYC

With a staggering 4.7 average rating, more than 1700 likes, over 1000 visitors, and 700+ reviews on Google Reviews, Mealeo, Yelp, GrubHub, Facebook, and more; Zaitoon is emerging as a leading figure in the halal cuisine scene in New York City.

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The pride of Zaitoon is in their finger-licking marinated kabobs, with their secret marinade recipe that they have constantly strived to better and have perfected over a period of two decades. With the beautiful smoky flavor from their open flaming grill, the meat is the freshest, antibiotic-free, and an absolute taste bomb to your mouth. 

The versatility of their menu and the precision of their flavors is commendable. Whether you try the array of impressive sides, a rice plate or a naan wrap, every dish is bursting with taste.

Some of their highlights are the ground chicken wrap, consisting of halal-approved ground balls of chicken, sort of like a kofta, served in a fluffy pita with a tangy combination of tomato, herb dressing, fresh lettuce, and smooth olive oil. 

Their fish wrap made with whiting, beef & lamb gyro sandwich, chicken wings with creamy white “Spin Sauce”, and rice platter with caramelised carrot kabuli and raisins also hit the spot. 

zaitoon in NYC

Their sauce recipes are actually quite interesting, the “Spin Sauce” plays around with the classic halal cart white sauce type,  blended from mayonnaise and lemon juice, with spices like cardamom, turmeric, and sumac, which is popular in NYC. They also have an oil-based zingy red sauce, prepared with sumac, cumin, and cayenne, for a sweet, yet peppery kick.

Even the side of hummus made from roasted red peppers, paired with tahini, lemon, chickpeas, salt, and garlic, served alongside pillowy pita wedges, and their healthy fattoush salad with a light dressing atop romaine lettuce, cucumber, and tomato, paired with crunchy flatbread chips are a satisfaction for the soul. 

Even though the Latham Circle gets busy sometimes, visiting Zaitoon Kitchen should be on your bucket list if you are a fan of halal food. Relish the hot kabobs in the chilly NYC winters with your loved ones. This is a food experience that takes your mind to an expedition into the dimension where new meets old, to create a culinary sensation beyond your imagination.

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