Want a taste of Thailand in NYC? Take a trip to Wayla

Wayla is a happening center of excitement, where the ambience makes you feel like anything is possible. Distracted by the swirl of activity and its sheer coolness, it won’t be until later that you will catch yourself texting your fellow foodies about the incredible food

It would be a slow and sizzling transformation from your absent-minded, only-guided-by-taste fascination over  “noodle-wrapped meatballs” to fully admiring and recommending the Sen Chan Pad Lobster over a dinner party discussion. And as you find yourself daydreaming about the Thai special Sai Oua sausages at work, you will realize Wayla has become your go-to restaurant. 


Wayla has commanded attention since it first opened its doors in 2019, on the Lower East Side, as every New Yorker seemed to be hypnotized by the flavor of its Thai sausages and noodle-wrapped meatballs, for reservations and snapping pictures. Even today, prime-time reservations pour in to try Chef Tom Naumsuwan’s home-inspired Thai food, as the restaurant’s Bangkok-style greenmarket approach breathes a fresher perspective to the gourmet. 

The place is a manifestation of the ethos of its neighborhood. An enigmatic Lower East Side dungeon, hidden away on the bottom nook of a steep stairwell on Forsyth Street.  A secretive aesthetic you won’t be able to recognize even if you’ve seen it a million times.

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Two narrow dining rooms color the interior, as an archaic mirror looks over from the bar. The outdoor sports a rustic patio, ornamented with wicker chairs, rubber plants, and neat rugs. You might temporarily be mesmerized by it, but your attention comes right back as the food arrives before you, which is quite prompt, by the way. 

Let’s take a look at the praises of the excited crowd of people that color this restaurant almost every single night:



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With a whooping 4.9 average rating, 500+ regular visitors, and more than 1000 likes and reviews across Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, and more hashtags on Instagram than we can count, Wayla has established itself onto the pedestal as one of the signature tastes of Thailand in New York City.

Certain dishes at Wayla’s will forever live in your thoughts. One of them, the Moo Sarong or pork meatballs wrapped in crispy noodles. Individually and intricately handwoven with noodle-knitting needles, they have to be the most unique appetizers ever.  


Next, the Larb Pla Tod will lead your thought frenzy with its immaculate presentation. The fried branzino is plated as a whole fish, with the middle perfectly sliced and fried into well-garnished cubes. And don’t even get us started on the homemade Sai Oua sausage, the spicy ginger shrimps, or the delicious lobster noodles, that strike a soulful chord only as a skillful musician knows how.

In a nutshell, Wayla is cool, but it’s cool is one-of-a-kind, in its class and substance. One of the greatest places for Thai food in the city. Their choicest ingredients, rich flavor, and traditional Bangkok-inspired market menus have people aching to come back every other night. But if you might hurry, you would find a seat to your name at 100 Forsyth Street, New York City.

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