KTM Bar & Lounge: An Exciting Spot for Exciting People

People feel the need to spend a night out with friends or family. KTM Bar & Lounge is a must-visit, offering a different and fun activity every day of the week to make the time after work as exciting as possible. It’s located at 11373 Jackson Heights and 75-32 Broadway, Queens, NY, and is guaranteed to keep you on your toes and make your visit as memorable as possible. After visiting this incredible lounge, Team Tinds had incredible stories to share with the rest of us.

KTM Bar & Lounge: An Exciting Spot for Exciting People

Joy Ride Through Music and Karaoke

A weekly schedule of engaging events is provided by The Bar & Lounge. Ladies’ Night is on Sunday, Open Mic Nights are on Monday and Tuesday, Latino Fusion Night is on Wednesday, and Bongo Night is on Thursday. Their private karaoke rooms are their specialty, and you and your friends can reserve them at any time. It is advised that everyone give this incredible experience in the Karaoke Room a try, as Team Tinds have reported testing it out and having a great time.

KTM Bar & Lounge: An Exciting Spot for Exciting People

Amazing Food and Drinks on the Menu

The menu at KTM features a modern touch mixed with a backdrop of Nepali culture. Excellent delicacies like pork thalis and vegetarian thalis, among many others, can be found in the Daal Bhat Power area of the menu, which is open 24 hours a day. They also offer the well-known Momos, which are delectable Nepalese delicacies that are a culinary fantasy. The Famous Retro Momos is a portion of their menu that features items like vegetable momos, chicken momos, and many more delectable snacks. In addition to cuisine, they provide a carefully chosen drink department. Try their beautifully prepared cocktails, such as Manhattan or the Penicillin, if you’re not looking forward to sobering up. If you’re looking for something a little different, try their really good specials, like the Phylu or Souju on the Beach. We have tried out their chicken and beef momos, which tasted amazing on every bite. The chicken keema noodles was really good, along with some delicious fries, a five-piece tub of hot wings, a side of aloo dum, and an amazing Nepali street food remake, Jhatpat-Chatpat, which had puffed rice mixed with vegetables and amazing spices. The food was very good and at a reasonable price. As for drinks, we tried out the lemon drop and the lemon lust, which were really refreshing. The drinks were delicious, and the setting was lovely. We can’t wait to return and party in their karaoke rooms! There are very positive vibes all around.

KTM Bar & Lounge: An Exciting Spot for Exciting People

Their menu is reasonably priced, with most cocktails costing between $13 and $15, thali entrees costing between $12 and $16, and the delectable Momos costing between $11 and $12.50, depending on how many Momos you order.


Find them:

Address:  75-32 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373, Jackson Heights

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ktmbarandlounge/

Or call to reserve your spot at: (929) 424-3001



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