Craving Banh mi in NYC? Hanoi House is your spot for all Vietnamese gourmet wonders

Hanoi House is an important part of the restaurants defining a new canon for Vietnamese American cuisine in New York City. With its brilliant gourmet, amazing ambience, and super-friendly staff, this restaurant is a hot-spot for all foodies.

In the last five years, New York has grown as a bustling  epicenter for contemporary Vietnamese American cuisine, where chefs set out to portray to the New Yorkers that there is so much more to Vietnamese gourmet than merely pho or bánh mì

Inspired by the authentic cooking style of the Vietnamese diaspora, and adding a signature twist through his personal experiences, Chef Danny Do is contributing to a Vietnamese American community endemic to New York, propelling a culture with shared history, even as they reinvent it.

Hanoi House NYC

From mouth-watering phos to exquisite entrees, Hanoi House has a profoundly crafted menu of versatile Vietnamese dishes. It is not just a fancy restaurant, rather a whole dimension of food experience.

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Let’s look at the superb number of recommendations bagged by Hanoi House from its happy customers:

Hanoi House NYC Hanoi House NYC Hanoi House NYC Hanoi House NYC Hanoi House NYC Hanoi House NYC


With a 4.6 star rating, 800+ reviews, more than 1000 visitors, and over 500 likes on Facebook, Google Reviews, New York Magazine, The Infatuation, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Restaurantji, and more; Hanoi House is taking Vietnamese cuisine in NYC by storm. 

The food garnished with a flavorful constellation of Vietnamese classic condiments such as cilantro, sriracha, and hoisin, is the star of the show.

Famous for its Bun Cha Pork noodles that consist of a succulent pork shoulder, betel-wrapped pork meatballs, crab spring rolls, pickled green papaya, and rice vermicelli, all drowned in smoky sweet broth, the mere thought of it brings the taste buds joy.

But that’s not where Hanoi House’s magic stops. Their Hanoi style Beef Pho Bac, Oxtail Banh Mi, and Shaking Beef or Bo Luc Lac are taking the crowd by storm.

Hanoi House NYC

Don’t forget to miss their awesome appetizers like Goi Du Du or Papaya and Pig Ear Salad, Goi Cuon or Summer Rolls, and much more.

On winter days, you crave some sweet warm broth with chewy banh pho rice noodles, topped with delicious condiments and the classic pickled garlic and homemade chili sauce, as succulent filet mignon imbued with the broth tickles your taste buds. 

All wrapped in the authentic touch of Vietnam, Hanoi House should be on your go-to list when in New York. You can find them at 119 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009, or contact them at +1 212-995-5010.

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