SAHAR ABEDIN: Taking fashion to new heights from Bangladesh

For many of us Instagram is a social media platform that is just about sharing photos and one-minute videos. Every day, over 50 billion photos are shared on Instagram all over the world. However, few manage to stand out of the crowd and make a place for themselves. Sahar Abedin, more popularly known as Boomeranga on Instagram, is a content creator, a fashion influencer and model from Bangladesh who’s taking the world by storm with her feed. She shares her story of coming this far and becoming an influencer with us at TINDS.

What is the story behind your name ‘Boomeranga’?

Sahar: My grandmother used to call me by my pet name which is Ranga. When it comes to setting up usernames, usually people put up their own name, I thought of coming up with something different. It just suddenly clicked in my head, ‘Boomeranga’, also because I was obsessed with the boomerang feature of the app.

What did you study?

Sahar: I studied at Playpen international school. I was never very studious and wasn’t serious about my studies at all. I wanted to go to Thailand for my higher studies but then COVID hit and that did not happen. I was always confused about my studies but I do plan on getting back to it soon.

How did you get interested in fashion?

Sahar: I used to be a very big fan of fashion shows during my childhood. My mom used to design dresses for me and my sister during several occasions which inspired me alot. I remember always wanting the most stylish outfit for eid. My interest in fashion grew more in time the more I grew up. So I surfed through the internet about what was trending on the internet regarding fashion and I came up with this thing which was fashion influencers which is an actual profession abroad who are earning a lot of money. Whereas people in our country are still looking rather down on it, they can not fathom what goes in behind making a good content,

and they think we are just people posing for the camera. 

SAHAR ABEDIN Taking fashion to new heights from Bangladesh
SAHAR ABEDIN Taking fashion to new heights from Bangladesh

When did you first start working with brands?

Sahar: It was during 2018 when I first got approached by a brand, I agreed and was super excited about it. When the first was done, I started getting noticed by several brands because of my photo shoots and other brands started reaching out to me because of my good work. I have learned a lot along the way and I always wanted people to look up to me and the work that I am doing.

How do you manage your decision making about which brands to work with?

Sahar: I am very picky about the brands that I work with. I cannot support brands that blatantly copy others’ creativity or hard work with replica products. I try and maintain myself and my image really well and only work with brands which I think goes with my style and things that I am comfortable and confident in.

Tell us a little about your experience of working with different brands?

Sahar: I have had a pretty good experience so far, but there’s a little bit of educating still required I believe because people often expect us to do everything for them. Suppose, when a brand hires me for a photoshoot, they are hiring me as a model so my job here does not include promoting their products, but I have come across many where they wanted me to promote their business and their products for free. Also, when businesses send me goods to my address it is upto me if I want to market their product or not, when I do, I need to make sure I think of how I want to get the picture taken, the ideation, location even the lighting matters a lot, so that is when I am working as an influencer. People often do not understand the difference between the roles of a model and an influencer and it’s often stressful. But by the grace of Almighty I am very happy with the brands I work with. It’s been five years I have been doing this and I am absolutely in love with what I do.

What were your struggles?

Sahar: I have had a very hard time figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Also, the work that I am doing is not so easy either. For example, during Eid season I am usually approached by a lot of brands and businesses and that is what happened an earlier year as well, but I was going through a very rough phase due to my grandma not doing well and I myself wasn’t in a healthy mental state because of that either. I am very proud of myself for being able to get out of that phase and get back to work because I was in contract with a few brands and I did not want to disappoint anybody.

Initially, I thought being an influencer would be easy and just about taking pictures. It wasn’t until later when I figured out that it was so much more than just taking pictures. Thinking about how to market a particular product, the ideation process behind a content, the ins and outs of making a video, I have learned it all along the way all by myself as I do not have a team or some sort of a helping hand as of yet. I have spent hours watching videos on youtube on how to get better at what I do and how other influencers were creating quality content. I still believe I have a lot to learn and I look forward to it.

SAHAR ABEDIN Taking fashion to new heights from Bangladesh
SAHAR ABEDIN Taking fashion to new heights from Bangladesh

What do you think the future holds for ‘Boomeranga’?

Sahar: I see myself working internationally within the span of a few years. I wish to work with brands like Dior, Vogue etc and level up my game. Influencers even in our neighboring country, India is really popping out because of the acceptance that they are receiving from their audience. Bangladesh, however, I believe has a very long way to go. I want to be recognized internationally as the fashion influencer from Bangladesh. Fashion is not about carrying an expensive bag or wearing an expensive shoe, it is instead having any shoe or bag and pulling it off with style.

What would your advice be to people who want to be influencers in the future?

Sahar: If I have to give advice, I would say if someone is looking forward to being a part of the fashion world, one has to be confident because confidence is key. When you do end up being a social public figure, people would know about you and that would often include haters trying to demotivate you for no good reason. So, it is important that the person is more focused on work rather than what people have to say. Also, before starting one must make sure that this is what they love and something that they want to pursue because success doesn’t come easy or in a day or two. Without proper dedication one wouldn’t be able to go very far in this genre of profession. 

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